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and nearby mountains and nearby mountains

Kramerspitz (1985m)

A very beautiful route where you can see germanys highest mountain on one side of the view and on the other side the amazing landscape of the allgäuer alps. Close to the top you will hear a lot of the typical cowbells which is very peaceful and on the way down you will encounter many free held cute sheeps. It took us 6h to get to the summit and (including the way down) we went a total of almost 20 kilometers.


Mittenwald is a very beautiful small town with very special house designs. It feels as if the town didn't change very much since medival times. With the huge mountain views in the background it is located in a very beautiful landscape. Hiking up the mountains leads to an amazing easy path with breathtaking views.

Schwangau (Castle Neuschwanstein)

Seeing the castle neuschwanstein is a must. As a disney fan you will be amazed how the real castle which they used for inspiration looks like in person. The castle is truly an amazing architecture located above a small short hiking path. The whole time I wondered how hard it must have been for the people to build the castle there. Nearby is a very beautiful small lake called alpsee. It's definetly worth checking out too. Also I drank one of the most delicious beers in a wirtshaus located at that lake.

Zugspitze (Highest Mountain, 2962m)

I never went the route to zugspitze, which takes more than one day to get to the summit, although it is on my todo-list. But I was there one time with my class in highschool. We obviously went the easy and fast way up, with the cable-car. The view from the summit is undescribable. It was a winters day and at about 3/4 the way up, the clouds became so tight, that you couldn't see more than 1m ahead. It literally looked like we were in heaven. Which at 2962m arguably may be true ;)